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Global Open Journal of Civil Engineering


    Editor – in- Chief
    Rashmi Yadav


    The Global Open Journal of Civil Engineering is currently seeking quality submissions for publication. We welcomes (1) interdisciplinary work, (2) papers with multi-method approach, (3) articles on global issues in civil engineering, and (4) manuscripts involving multichannel management approaches. GOJoCE seeks papers from researchers and thought leaders in civil engineering.
    The scopes of the Global Open Journal of Civil Engineering include, but not limited to  Assemblage and System, Behavior of Structures, Behavior of Structures under Seismic Loads,Building and Environmental Acoustics,Building Climate Systems,Building Energy,Civil and Environmental Engineering,Coastal Engineering,Composite Materials,Concrete Structures,Construction Economics,Construction Engineering,Design and Performance of Green Building,Design Optimization of Structures,Earthquake Engineering,Energy Efficient Building Technology,Energy Saving Building Materials,Evaluation of Building Envelope Systems under Structural and Environmental Loads,Evaluation of Glazing Systems for Energy Performance,Fire Engineering,Foundations Dynamics,Geotechnical Engineering,Health Monitoring and Life Prediction of Structures,High Performance Concrete,Hydraulic Engineering,Life Cycle Engineering,Materials and Durability,Materials Engineering,Mechanics and Materials Aspects of Advanced Construction Materials,Municipal or Urban Engineering,Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation,Numerical Modelling of Structures,Optimal Design of Structures,Properties and Mechanics of Concrete,Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Public Works,Seismic Evaluation of Building Nonstructural Components,Simulation Optimization and Risk Management,Soil-Structure Interaction,Structural Engineering,Structural Evaluation of Panelized and Masonry Wall Systems,Structural Reliability Analysis,Surveying,Sustainable Structures,Transportation Engineering,Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality,Water Supply and Drainage. 
    Papers are to be submitted for review via online system to the Managing Editor(editor AT  globalopenjournals    DOT    org),Submission of a manuscript for review implies that 
    the paper has not been published, that it is not being submitted for publication elsewhere, an that it has been released for publication if the work reported is officially sponsored.
    INR 2500 / USD 50, for information please click here.