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Global Open Journals

  • Global Open Journals  is a collection of International Open Access Journals. It publishes high-quality research articles in the areas of Social-science, Arts, science, Engineering and technology. Our aim is to provide the quality information and knowledge that enable our readers to perform their jobs efficiently, continue their education, and help contribute to the advancement of their chosen markets. Our readers are researchers, students, academics and increasingly professionals. Global Open Journals is a unique publication dedicated to presenting the results of research from any discipline in an open-access environment. At the same time, it provides a forum in which to discuss that scientific research and so provide for each and every paper its maximum possible impact. To achieve this, Global Open Journals combines traditional peer review with 'Web 2.0' tools to facilitate community evaluation and discourse around the published article.
    The peer review of each article is rigorous and concentrates on objective and technical concerns to determine whether the research has been sufficiently well conceived, well executed, and well described to justify inclusion in the scientific record. Then, after publication, all papers are opened up for interactive discussions and assessment in which the whole scientific community can be involved.
    Unlike many journals which attempt to use the peer review process to determine whether or not an article reaches the level of 'importance' required by a given journal, Global Open Journals uses peer review to determine whether a paper is technically sound and worthy of inclusion in the published scientific record. Once the work is published in Global Open Journals, the broader community is then able to discuss and evaluate the significance of the article (through the number of citations it attracts; the downloads it achieves; the media and blog coverage it receives; and the post-publication Notes, Comments and Ratings that it receives on Global Open Journals etc).
    To provide open access, Global Open Journals use a business model in which our expenses—including those of peer review, journal production, and online hosting and archiving—are recovered in part by article processing charges to the authors or research sponsors for each article they publish. 
    We offer a complete or partial fee waiver for authors who do not have funds to cover publication fees. Editors and reviewers have no access to payment information, and hence inability to pay will not influence the decision to publish a paper. These policies ensure that the fee is never a barrier to publication. Global Open Journals develops online information solutions that help professionals achieve better outcomes.
    Global Open Journals Provides World-Class Information :
    Global Open Journals publishes trusted, leading-edge Scientific, Technical information – pushing the frontiers and fueling a continuous cycle of exploration, discovery and application.
    Global Dissemination:
    Global Open Journals disseminates and preserves all literature to meet the information needs of the world’s present and future scientists – linking thinkers with ideas.
    Global Open Journals is passionate about publishing trusted, cutting-edge information – pushing frontiers and fuelling continuous cycles of innovation, exploration, discovery and progress. 
    The Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and academic excellence. Papers will be published approximately one week after acceptance. Every manuscript is reviewed usually by two reviewers (Both  have been, published in whole or in part in any other journal / Both being from a different country / at least one from different institution from the author) familiar with the relevant field of research.